Thursday, February 18, 2010


i was doing some freelance for combat circa. an they
were cool at first . they hooked me up nicely with some shoes and a nice check
for the work i've done previously for them.
later on they asked me to do some more
t-shirt design for there pro's . it took me a few weeks.
i got it all ready for them to print
and then they pulled the plug on me . i got nothing for my efforts not even a pair of sneakers.
last i herd they were in there art depmant copying my drawings trying to make something from them.
why can't people just pay me and stop the biting . i never ask
for a lot of money just the standard of what every one eles makes ?
i'll never get it !!!!!!

"lizard king" aka mike plum , when i was asked to do theses shirts design.
i asked each team member what they thought would be funny
about each other , well a little fact i didn't know about
lizard was that he was at the top of the bmx game in his heyday
and likes to talk about his glory days of racing , so thats why
the lizard is on a bmx bike and i gave him the font that every
metal hair bag in hight school , knew how to draw on there
trapper keepers . just keeping it dirty son ! showing plum
some passion pheo style.

HE's A WEIRD DUDE and what's the weirdest animal
in the woods ? " the dam platypus" and franks on anit hero
and there pretty gay about hanging in the woods with each other
on dark nights drinking playing with there wizard staffs & passing out.
so i thought this was fitting ..

i only met him for a few days , he was pretty cool, likes weed and
kind just rolled with what ever was going on , but he's also a beast on a
skateboard thats why i made him a tiger , but a chill tiger with the
cheech and chong font from nice dreams ...

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