Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NewER Stuff

tripping 1,2,3
painting for art show at empire tattoo .
still for sale ..$
250 each 700 for the whole set ..

this drawing was for art show that never happen .
the show was going to be base on old skateboard graphic.
this was base on a lurceo graphic from a schmitt stix board in the
early 80's .i didn't color it , because i knew the show was going to
be cancel ..


yeah i'll paint your room . your sneakers , and your girl friend .
i am just trying to make it .. thank mike i really need that job .


the number nine (aka chapman skateboards ) office . about 8 of theses boards are my design .
but i did silk screen most of them .. good time fun job .
the flex the cat is Scott Sutherlands first pro board for #9
i would love to have one ..