Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Piano

My friend Johnny A is about to reopening and old watering hole that i used to
beat the crap out of my liver in when i was younger . Inside the bar is this old piano

old leg piano

old front paino

Johnny asked me to paint it up and make it look pretty .
painted leg paino

So i did the best i could .. I never painted anything like this and this is my first shot at it .
I really like how it came out , Wasn't to sure about the color's but they really worked well
for what it ended up looking like ...
painted front paino

side painted piano

Johnny and his wife wanted me to as they said it to me " PHEO IT UP ! " so
i took my rabbit heads i like doing so much and rock the top 3 panels .
piano patten

You can only really see the rabbit head pattern if you look at it in the right light .
It was done this way on purpose .

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