Thursday, January 26, 2012

huffing markers and gas ...

i painted this for my nephew's mini bike .
they took it home and my brother felt he should touch
it up. ?????? SOOOOOO ANYWAY .....
i had to repaint it ... i like the first paint job better .
if your wounding . i like the mist of green and were the flames start
alot better .

i found this chalk board in the trash , there pretty fun to paint .
you really have no room for
error . it's a full color vs outline cock fight . IT'S NOT UNFINISHED i planed it like that .
i want to wright " TODAY'S LUNCH SPECIAL .. CHICKEN SOUP $3.99 "
some were on it but i haven't found the right spot for it .

if you look at an older post you'll see the sketch
to this . i got amp on markers this week and felt like doing a full
rendering .. Photobucket
jesus does switch heel filps YO !

a little graffiti . i was still on my marker high .
it was the same day as the jesus drawing .

some times thank you is all that needs to be said ..


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